[Cartoweb-users] Stange query behaviour

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Tue Mar 4 10:28:24 EST 2008

Hi all, I'm looking about 2 feedback about troubles found here.

They appears in our ouwn projects, but also in democw3
cartoweb 3.4 + csv update ( but found also in 3.4 tar)

If you select an airport, and query it the data result is shown.
But if your reissue the same query, the query result become empty.

If you query another time the query result in filled with the data.

If you put the no id param in .ini the second time the data is displayed the id become visible.


In 3.3.0 : We have the following result.
Query a airport and you've got the result displayed, if you query a town after, the result set will be completed with the town
data not erased.

The id trouble work exactly the same ...

Did you found the same dis-function ?


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