[Cartoweb-users] session expired info

WochteR wochter at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 5 11:18:54 EST 2008


past 30 min. of cartoweb inactivity session expire.
I cannot print to pdf nor tooltips doesn't work.
How can I disable session expiration by correct way?

I have this in my php.ini:
session.use_cookies = 1

(Or how can I change this issue to be nicer and readable for standard users?)


Class : CartoclientException
Message : Session expired: reload calling page!

file: 514 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/client/ExportPlugin.php
call: ExportPlugin->getLastMapRequest()

file: 1379 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/projects/bbintra/plugins/exportPdf/client/ClientExportPdf.php
call: ExportPlugin->getExportResult(Object(ExportConfiguration))

file: 1532 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/projects/bbintra/plugins/exportPdf/client/ClientExportPdf.php
call: ClientExportPdf->getExport()

file: 1172 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/client/Cartoclient.php
call: ClientExportPdf->output()

file: 1263 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/client/Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->doExport(Object(ClientExportPdf))

file: 33 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/htdocs/client.php
call: Cartoclient->main()

file: 3 - /home/bystrica/mapserver/htdocs/bbintra.php
call: require_once("/home/bystrica/mapserver/htdocs/client.php")



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