[Cartoweb-users] CASCADOSS International FOSS4G events. Warsaw, June 2008.

Rafal Wawer Rafal.Wawer at sadl.kuleuven.be
Wed Mar 12 12:53:56 EDT 2008

Dear CartoWeb Users,
I would like to draw your attention to two FOSS4G related events,
organized in Warsaw on June 15th-19th 2008, as a part of CASCADOSS
The goal of CASCADOSS project is to encourage geospatial end-users,
especially those users related to the use of GMES services, in using OSS
by setting up a trans-national cascade training programme on Open Source
GIS&RS software with an emphasis on environmental applications. The
cascade training programme aims at training, on international level,
small groups of 'high-end' geospatial users (e.g. high level GIS and/or
RS and/or IT experts) who will be expected to transfer, on national or
regional level, the knowledge and abilities they have learned to
'low-end' geospatial users (e.g. Scientists, public administrators,..),
which could support each other in finding open source solutions for
environmental related problems. 
Principal target groups for the cascade training programme are
geospatial end-users from Central and Eastern Member States.  The
adoption of OSS in those countries is a topic of particular interest
while this will reduce licensing costs and will promote technological

The project consists on 3 main stages. First is the documentation and
evaluation of FOSS4G software projects, performed along research on
legal issues and FOSS4G business models. The deliverables form the first
stage will be discussed during the second stage events, which are
International Symposium and International Information Workshop, to be
held in Warsaw. The participants will share their opinions on FOSS4G
issues in global and European level, providing a discussion panel for
the findings of CASCADOSS and HUMBOLDT projects. The final stage will be
realised with 4 regional workshops, held in national languages, in case
of Benelux - in English. The final materials will be published on the
CASCADOSS website and at the end of the projects CASCADOSS will build a
regional FOSS4G portal.

More information on CASCADOSS and it's upcoming events you will find on
CASCADOSS website under www.cascadoss.eu <http://www.cascadoss.eu/>  and
in attached leaflet.
Please excuse any cross-posting.
Kind regards:
Rafal Wawer
on behalf of CASCADOSS Consortium
Dr. Rafal Wawer


R&D Division SADL (Spatial Application Division) 

Celestijnenlaan 200e bus 2224 

BE-3001 Leuven-Heverlee


tel. 0032 16 329731

Disclaimer: http://www.kuleuven.be/cwis/email_disclaimer.htm

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