[Cartoweb-users] query by point behaviour

Valerio Noti valerionoti at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 13 07:45:53 EDT 2008

Hi all,
In cartoweb3.4 I'd like to change the behaviour of query by point tools
without open the corresponding folder (folder7 in democw3 cartoclient.tpl)
and clicking
directly on the map.
In cw3.2:
-- commented folder7 section and leftbar reference in tpl file
-- commented these rows in carto.js:

    //  ontop(1);

and worked fine (don't remember any other changes)

The same changes in cw3.4 give an error in execution when I click on the
query tool:

Error: clickedLabel has no properties
row: 46

Thanks in advance

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