[Cartoweb-users] layers.ini dropdown

Lauber Christoph ch.lauber at geo-thun.ch
Thu Mar 20 09:03:00 EDT 2008

hi list

i have a problem with the dropdown rendering of the layers.ini. some dropdown entries appear only if the user is logged or has sufficient rights. say the user selects one of the additional dropdown entries (unlogged user doesn't see this layer). until here everything works fine. the problem appears now if the user runs into a session timeout or makes a logout. cartoweb throws this error:
Class : CartoclientException
Message : unknown layer name: RNP
Backtrace: ...
in this case RNP is a restricted layer for the unlogged user.

one solution would be that at the moment of logout the back to map url will be extended with ?reset_session. but how can i do that for the session timeout? an other solution i imagined is that in case of logout i could select by default a public layer of the dropdown list. here i don't know how to do that for logout and session timeout.

any other ideas?

might this error be a cartoweb bug?

thanks for help.

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