[Cartoweb-users] install cartoweb to different drive?

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Tue Mar 25 10:32:45 EDT 2008

Janosch.Skrobek at trier.de wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> This may be a really stupid question but I just cant find a solution:
> How do I install cartoweb to a different drive? My ms4w-package was
> installed to drive D:\ but cartoweb doesn't offer a option to change
> drives in its setup and always installs to c:\ ... I tried just copying
> the new files into my ms4ws-installation but that doesn't work ...
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you
> Janosch
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

	Try to install a linux, you could install et make cw3 running where you want, as you want :-)

For software where they have so "hardcoded" path there :
The new good fashion under windows you could use mountpoint with dynamic disks.

Example : you use the second drive first partition with ntfs, and you mountit under c:\m4sw
so you have the plenty place, and nothing is really on the c: real drive.

But really "Joke" is the real solution ;-)


     Bruno Friedmann  bruno at ioda-net.ch

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