[Cartoweb-users] Tooltips again

frequens frequens at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 22:05:41 EDT 2008

Hello list,

It looks I will break my neck again with the toolTips :-(

I have a running 3.3+cvs CW project with fully functional toolTips.
While trying to build the same project for 3.4, there is just no way
to get the results.

1. Copied the toolTips folder from CW_root to myproject/plugins/.
2. toolTips.ini (working copy from 3.3 project) to project's client_conf.
3. Enabled toolTips in client.ini (and NOT in server_conf/project's
ini as it was a mustdo in CW3.3).
4. Carto.tpl looks fine.

The JStrace does not complain at all (should this mean that everything
is OK on the client side???) and rolls for each move something like:
"AjaxPlugins.ToolTips: sending request for coords 491744.40476905333,
Request sent with url
AjaxPlugins.ToolTips: no result"

The logfile reads:
"27 mar 2008 02:42:05 CET,983 [15873] DEBUG Cartoclient - request is:
27 mar 2008 02:42:05 CET,983 [15873] DEBUG Cartoclient - array (
  'toolTips' => '1',
  'geoX' => '497097.68706347997',
  'geoY' => '126157.98035312857',
  'charSet' => 'utf-8',
  'lang' => '',
  'LangCookie' => 'en',
  'TestCookie' => 'OK',
  'jsTrace' => '92px 976px 659px 388px',
  'PHPSESSID' => 'bda0f5d6779260a885ad4285e76077a1',"

Nowhere else (webserver_log, postgresql_log) is anything to be seen.

I have seen an earlier post on the same subject, tried to print the
sql from function getXySqlQuery in QueryableLayer.php, nothing

Any help would be much, much appreciated,



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