[Cartoweb-users] Tooltips again

frequens frequens at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 10:10:14 EDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 12:23 PM, Oliver Christen
<oliver.christen at camptocamp.com> wrote:
> the sql is generated in file QueryableLayer.php function getXySqlQuery
>  simply add a print_r on $sql before the return.
>  then try the same query directly into postgres

Ok, looks that I got the grip.

Obviously the way how CW handles the MINSCALE/MAXSCALE (perhaps in
view of recent changes in mapserver 5.0X and AGG
->MINSCALEDENOM/MAXSCALEDENOM) has changed from 3.3. to 3.4. While in
CW3.3 on identical server platform the MINSCALE/MAXSCALE settings are
not offending; in CW3.4 if MINSCALE/MAXSCALE is set in the map the
layer/query behaves normally but is NOT considered by toolTips.
Commenting the settings enables tooltips of the layers, but of course
ruins the application.

So far, so good, any clues how to remedy this, are very welcome :-)



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