[Cartoweb-users] quality of the map image

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Mar 28 07:39:06 EDT 2008

you can change everthing you want in the mapfile with mapscript, simply do a 
plugin the same way as if you wanted to use mapOverlay, and in 
handlePreDrawing (I presume) get the map object like this:

$msMapObj = $this->serverContext->getMapObj();

then just apply on the $msMapObj object the function you want to modify what 
you want.
see http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/docs/reference/phpmapscript-class for 
functions references.

something like


this is untested and I have always considered the mapscript documentation to 
be unclear, ask on the mapserver mailing list for more details.


> Hi,
> I'd like to improve performance and flexibility by giving the possibility 
> to
> user to set the quality of the map. I know that I can decide the quality 
> in
> the map file, is there a way to set a command into the template by the map
> which I can use in order to set the quality, let's say that I've a listbox
> which displays three type of resolution/quality. In this way user can set
> his quality according to the speed of his network.
> Any idea ?
> Thanks and best regards
> Giu
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