[Cartoweb-users] [UPDATE] Creating a cross

claudio cicali claudio.cicali at gmail.com
Sat May 17 07:41:07 EDT 2008


regarding my previous post on creating a cross (or a point) at given
coordinates via Ajax,
I suppose the plugin involved is OUTLINE.

I noticed that the outline plugin has an ajax action to use (AddFeature)
that could do the job,
but I don't understand how to use it (I have the plugin installed, of

In the handleResponse of my plugin I have:

        document.forms['carto_form'].recenter_x.value = result.location_x;
        document.forms['carto_form'].recenter_y.value = result.location_y;

        CartoWeb.trigger('Location.Recenter', 'doSubmit()');
        CartoWeb.trigger('Outline.AddFeature', 'doSubmit()');

The second trigger is, of course, not working.

I know that the outline plugin may be called via GET, giving it the
parameter "outline_point"
with the coordinates of the point but...:

1. how do I could "trigger" the outline plugin via ajax, having it drawing
the point and the label?
2. is that the right way (calling two or three ajax asyncronous triggers) to
add feature,
or could I do it on my ClientPluginName.php script? How?

Thank you,

Claudio Cicali
claudio.cicali at gmail.com
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