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Fabio D'Ovidio fabiodovidio at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 08:37:02 EDT 2008

Hello and thanks.

Oliver Christen ha scritto:
> do you really need to display all the points at once ?

Of course, no!

> I mean, when you are displaying the map at the highest extend, you 
> will have countless small dots on map that mapserver has to render one 
> by one but visually it doesnt offer much informations to the user 
> other than the fact there are a lots of points in a certain area. The 
> user will most certainly zoom in to see more in details the area of 
> interest.
Sure !!

> so what you could do is generate a simplified layer which would be 
> visible at higher extend and when the user zoom in you display the 
> more detailed layer, that way the duration of rendering by mapserver 
> will drop significantly.

Each set of points (for each couple (USER, ROLE)) is displayed only at a 
spcific scale, never at full extent.

> practically for the layers which take a lot of time to render, you 
> create another layer which display a simplified set of point and you 
> set the minscale/maxscale of the normal layer and the simplified layer 
> to follow each other.
> and in your layers.ini, instead of simply having the slow layer, you 
> add a layerGroup with the option aggregate = true and the 2 layer 
> (detailed and simplified) as children
> layers.yourlayer_group.aggregate = true
> layers.yourlayer_group.children = yourlayer, yourlayer_simplified
> also you need to work on your data with some aggregation treatments to 
> generate a set of simplified points that will be displayed with the 
> "yourlayer_simplified" layer

Ok, this is a good idea....until now I have manage points only with 

> you may also eventually limit the tooltips usage below a certain scale 
> only, as I doubt it is useful to return a tooltips containing several 
> hundred entries to the user

I don't use tooltips as plugin...
Anyway, thanks a lot. U always give me good suggestions :-)

Fabio D'Ovidio
mail: fabiodovidio at gmail.com

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