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Graham McConney graham.mcconney at lekzicon.com
Thu Oct 9 02:15:59 EDT 2008

The pgDijkstra algorithm assigns to each RoadSegment a unique EdgeID in
graph. While assigning EdgeID, it expects that road segment start and end
point to be unique.  This worked fine for our sample data (a small area of
Basingstoke) but in London some road segments have the same start and end
point (with a number of additional points in the middle which are


For example two distinct road segments: 

LINESTRING(524107.31 185330.493,524106.899 185325.348,524112.444
185319.119,524118 185318)

LINESTRING(524107.31 185330.493,524111.088 185329.479,524111.761
185329.298,524117.382 185322.233,524118 185318)


What can we do to overcome this problem?

Graham McConney
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