[Cartoweb-users] Plugin Edit - radArray is undefined

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Oct 28 06:44:38 EDT 2008


radArray correspond to the radio input which allow the user to select an 
element from the form instead of on the map.
these should be generated via javascript

what did you modify in the template ?

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> Hi,
> I have another problem with my cartoweb project. I have modified the
> template files, but now, when I want to use the Edit plugin, I can
> create new object, but when I click on the array in order to complete
> it, I have a javascript error:
> radArray is undefined
> http://localhost/cartoweb/htdocs/edit/js/dhtmlEdit.js
> Line 447
> And then, if I want to validate, I have another javascript error:
> input is undefined
> http://localhost/cartoweb/htdocs/js/dhtmlInit.js
> Line 152
> Can you help me?


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