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if you simply want to access some data via wms/wfs, it's a pure OpenLayer connection. 
why do you need a server side? 
a server side is only needed if you want to make some post-treatments before displaying the images.
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  So it is possible to use MapFish and MapServer together ?

  MapFish can call mapServer through WMS / WFS ?




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  everything is possible but I would say that would take a lot of time to develop.

  the server side of Cartoweb is designed to be accessed via SOAP, not ajax, so you would need to create some kind of ajax<->soap connector and that sounds quite messy.


  did you consider using Mapfish instead as it is already designed to use OpenLayer on the front side and has a sever side for more specific operations.



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    We are thinking of using CartoWeb.

    I was wondering if someone could give me an hind :

    How is it with using only CartoServer and let's say to use OpenLayers as a client ?


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