[Cartoweb-users] Problem for query

Arnaud DELEURME a.deleurme at gers.cci.fr
Fri Oct 31 06:21:31 EDT 2008

Hello all 

I try to make auery in my project 
Also I copied/ paste 
- query.ini 
- mapquery.ini 
- coreplugins/query/ 

I made in my mapfile these sentences: 

TTEMPLATE "ttt.html" 


"id_attribute_string" "id|string" 
"query_returned_attributes" "id Shape_Leng NAME_GR type code" 
"gml_include_items" "id, Shape_Leng, NAME_GR, type, code" 
"gml_id_alias" "ID" 
"gml_Shape_Leng_alias" "AREA" 
"gml_NAME_GR_alias" "ONOMA" 
"gml_type_alias" "type" 
"gml_code_alias" "Code" 

But there is a problem 


CartoWeb version: 3.4.0 [$Revision: 1.7 $] 
class:   SoapFaultWrapper 
message:   Error [8, Undefined index:  /header.html, /home/infodime/public_html/voras/coreplugins/query/server/ServerQuery.php, 153] 

... I have in front of a big wall! 
I don't know could be my problem... 

Thanks for proposition 


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