[Cartoweb-users] [announcement] Cartoweb 3.5.0 Released

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Sep 9 06:01:06 EDT 2008


im pleased to announce that Cartoweb 3.5 is now available for download on
the website.

lots of bugfix and some new functionalities:

- Added new "currentuser" pdf block to output current user login name.
- Added new "timeoutBeforeHide" parameter for toolTips timeout value.
- No more forced "folder" id by plugin! now use 'folderId' parameter in .ini
(doc 4.4.3)(bug 1814).
- Added parameters for general encoding of data sources and specific
encoding by layers (EncoderClass.data, data_encoding) (doc 16.3).
- Added input definition parameter in edit plugin metadata definition and
support for input type "hidden" and "textarea" (edit_rendering) (doc
- Fixed: toolTips now respect min/max scale of related layers.
- Added circle drawing tool in outline plugin
- Extended support of outline GET parameters to enable description of
several shapes - possibly of different types - at once
- Extended support of query GET parameters to enable querying of multiple
objets - possibly from different layers - at once
- Added exportLinkIt plugin (returns URL of current page state)
- Added layerFilter plugin: generates a layer attributes filter form and
applies the resulting filters
- Added throttling plugin: used to temporary ban ip that have overflowed
configurable requests/second rules
- Added support for outputFormat in export plugins, implemented in exportPdf
- Fixed: proper javascript error handling in plugin's Ajax response
- Added ServerMapquery::queryByMsShape(), useful to perform queries using
MapScript ShapeObj objects
- Added statsReports plugin / stats script: generate human readable visual
report based on Cartoweb and WMS log
- Added portuguese translations (thanks to K2 Sistemas)
- Added security parameter "security_view" for children switching
- Added config in exportPdf to show/hide some blocks if some layers are
- Added displayMeasures parameter in plugin Outline to display area/distance
in label
- Unit tests now use PHPUnit 3 instead of PHPUnit 2
- Upgraded PEAR libs + added MDB2
- Added: PDFrotate: recentering, manual rotation
- Fixed: PDFrotate: stability issues
- Added: AJAX: general access points (onBeforeAjaxCallGeneral &
onAfterAjaxCallGeneral) made available to all plugins
- Added: Layers switch: possibility to define any switch as the default
- Upgraded Prototype to 1.6.0 (bug 1763)
- Added: "force_map_refresh" parameter and related mecanism to bypass map
request cache (bug 1850)
- Fixed: compatibility issue with eAccelerator (bug 1804)
- Fixed: proper encoding/decoding if encoding in browser different from UTF8
(bug 1534)
- Fixed: project id correctly recovered if/when accessing a project via
client.php (bug 1748)
- Fixed: displayed coordinates when using PDF rotate mode (bug 1282)

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