[Cartoweb-users] search plugin again!!

Claire Chastagnol chastagnol.claire at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 17 10:30:42 EDT 2008

Hi evrybody,

I have some new problems and questions for the plugin search.

First, I put in my project different searches which are each independant from the others: search by name of roads, search by name of town, ...
All are working but one!! When I make a search by town names, the ajax function answer well but all the lines of my table appear in my page!! So it seems it does not take into account the element I want to search. I can't see the problem since I wrote this search exactly like all the others which are working!

Finally, I see that the search is sensible to the way you write things. If it is not exactly like the way it is written in your database, the search is unsuccessful. It's kind of annoying for the accents or uppercases. Can I improve this?

Thanks a lot!
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