[Cartoweb-users] Edit plugin.

Nikos Papadakis nipapada at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 11:56:21 EDT 2008

Hi to all!

I want to use the Edit plugin.
But i haven't completely understand what it does.
I guess that it gives me the ability to click on a point displayed on 
the map (from a point layer)
and edit its attributes in the postgis database.

Am i correct?
If not please tell me how can i use it,and what do the tools provided do?

Anyway,i have setup the plugin. I created the edit.ini in client_conf 
with the following contents:

insertedFeaturesMaxNumber =0

Also,i wrote the following metadata in the point layer bank_store.

            "edit_table" "volos"
            "edit_geometry_column" "the_geom"
            "edit_geometry_type" "point"
            "edit_srid" "-1"
            "edit_attributes" "label|string,city|string"
            "edit_filter" ""

I have not entered any connectiontype parameters in the layer. I don't 
know if it is mandatory.
With the above configuration i don't get any error during installation .
But the icons don;t do anything (Probably because i don't know what they 
do!!! :P).Only when i use the edit_sel tool i get the error message

class:   SoapFaultWrapper
message:   Error [8, Undefined offset:  1, C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3\plugins\edit\server\ServerEdit.php, 181]

Any advise will be MOST helpfull!
Thank you.

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