[Cartoweb-users] Edit plugin.

Nikos Papadakis nipapada at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 16:41:04 EDT 2008


I am writing for the edit plugin again because i did not manage to use 
it as i want.
I am not working on the demoEdit project because i am getting some 
errors and
don't have the time to deal with it!

In my project the plugin works without giving me any error messages.
All i want to do is change the information of points on the map and perhaps
enter some new points in a point layer!
My data are stored in a postgis database.

So,when i use the plugin,i choose the edit_sel tool and choose a point 
from the layer.
At that time,the layout of the page is spoiled!
The map overrides upwards the frame where it is placed in the first 
place and covers the toolbar above.
Also,a text box(that contains some information of the selected point)  
shows up above the project chooser with two more buttons next to it.
If i choose more points,then more text boxes with these 2 buttons that 
don't do anything appear and they are mixed up with the folders 
pane(navigation,themes,export etc...).
Furthermore,if i change the contents of that text field and press 
validate,nothing happens.

I quote the contents of edit.ini.

insertedFeaturesMaxNumber =0

I have "played" with some options but i can't get the result i want.
Any help will be much more than appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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