[Cartoweb-users] Translation process.

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Sep 29 10:15:27 EDT 2008

the client2pot and server2pot generate the basic translation po files, 
containing (almost) all the string from your templates and mapfile's layers.

3 files should have been generated:

copy these files and name them


edit them and add the corresponding translated string in the msgstr ""
dont modify the msgid!

you may have to add a few msgid/msgstr manually as the scripts may have 
missed some variable, especially the dnamic variables, like the toolbar's 
tool names.

once you have added all the translated strings, you can run the po2mo script

by the way, client2pot, server2pot and po2mo accept as parameter the name of 
the project (php po2mo yourprojectname), so they arent triggered for all 
projects at once.

RESTART APACHE! because gettext is buggy.
and clean cartoweb cache

> Ok!
> Now i don't get any error messages! Thank you.
> So,in order to put a new language (greek-el) i must create in the folder
> <my_project>.po the files client.el.po and server.el.po
> where i have translated all elements appearing in my project.
> Then i must run     php server2pot.php <my_project>
>                            php client2pot.php <my_project>
>                            php po2mo.php .
> Is that correct? (Because the manual has confused me a little bit!)
> Please enlighten me!
> Also,do i have to change anything in the encoding so that greek are 
> displayed correctly?
> Thank you

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