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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Jan 14 09:19:47 EST 2009

have you tried to specify the projection in the layer definition ? http://mapserver.org/mapfile/projection.html#projection
if all your layers have the same projection the performances will be better to set the projection at the MAP level.
otherwise convert the data projection before usage into mapserver/cartoweb
see this article http://mapserver.org/optimization/index.html

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  Hi List,

  I have solved my previous problem (thank you very much for your help) and I can visualize my MapInfo tables.
  But I have a projection problem: the scalebar and distance are not correct
  All my MapInfo maps have the same extent (-180 -90 180 90) and the same projection: WGS84.
  I am not sure how to give this projection to MapServer.

  Thanks in advance for your help


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  Hello List,

  I have tried to send an email last week but I think it didn't reach you, so I'm trying again...

  I am just starting with Cartoweb and my goal is to visualize some MapInfo tables with Cartoweb.
  I have created my project as explained in various tutorials but I don't understand how I create a .map file for my MapInfo tables.
  Do you have an example of a .map file that I could use ?

  Sorry for this very basic question.



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