[Cartoweb-users] Current Bounding Box Coordinates

Dahinden Adrian a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch
Thu Jan 15 08:32:04 EST 2009

Hi list,

I want place a link on our Application to another one. This link should be dynamical and should include at least the current bounding box (bboxMinX, bboxMinY, bboxMaxX, bboxMaxY) values. Now I placed the link in the cartoclient.tpl, but the coordinates were static (they didn't change after zoom in or out):

<div><a href="http://...?recenter_bbox={$bboxMinX},...">{t}Link to another Application{/t}</a></div>

How can I achieve that the $bboxMinX-Variables change when I zoom in or out?

One idea I have is to install the exportLinkIt plugin and change it that the plugin not export the link but open the new application. Do you thing this is a good idea?

Is there another possibility to make a directly link in the cartoclient.tpl to another application with dynamical informations about the bounding box or the mapsize in it?


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