[Cartoweb-users] Charset in Query Results

Arnaud DELEURME a.deleurme at gers.cci.fr
Wed May 13 08:04:43 EST 2009

Hello all, 

I use Query_by_point in my project toolbar. 
It works very well but I have a problem with the UTF Charset. 

In fact, I use Shapefile with UTF and ISO encoding in my .dbf files. 
My query table shows my data attributes in ISO but it doesn't show in UTF... 

Where can I modify in order to see my attributes data in ISO and UTF... 

In my client.ini.in , I have : 

Encoder.Class.data= EncoderUTF 
EncoderClass.config = EncoderUTF 
EncoderClass.output = EncoderUTF 
EncoderClass.value_iso = EncoderISO 

In my myproject.ini , I have EncoderClass.config = EncoderUTF 

Thank you very much for your help... 


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