[Cartoweb-users] problems with raster data

Marcel Koller m.koller at geo-see.ch
Tue Nov 24 11:12:15 EST 2009



Hi list


I do have some troubles when I'm panning or zooming over raster data (never
with raster data only). Some times (not every time) I get the message 


"Ajax response is no XML, probably a CartoWeb failure. Click OK to show it."


In the race debugger I get the message "Error: AjaxHandler.actionRequest():
received response is malformed!", 


and the browser (Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5) gives me the answer: Fatal error:
Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in
/var/www/mycartowebproject/coreplugins/images/server/ServerImages.php on
line 219.


Some raster data is quite big, bud some isn't (10MB). I do use the indexing
of the utility gdal and also the overviews of this utility.


Does anybody knows where I could find the error? Astonishingly I don't get
the error message by every zoom or panning action, but always after the
second or third panning or zooming action over raster data.


Thanks for your response (hopefully).





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