[Cartoweb-users] hierarchy or mask solution for client side

Simone Frigerio simone.frigerio at univie.ac.at
Wed Dec 1 08:47:11 EST 2010

I have a "logical" question about quick access to maps.
I have quite huge series of switches/block menu (more layergroups). I 
have to choose a solution with large rasters (region) and different 
masks (municipality) or use different raster "cut" on municipality scale.
Example from layer.ini:

layers.background16.className = LayerGroup
layers.background16.label = TOPOGRAPHY
layers.background16.rendering = block
layers.background16.children = BARTopo

layers.BARTopo.className = LayerGroup
layers.BARTopo.label = "Creation date - Resolution - Producer"
layers.BARTopo.rendering = tree
; 1) layers.BARTopo.children = regiotopo1931, regiotopo1943, 
regiotopo1956, regiotopo1963, regiotopo1980, regiotopo1989, maskbar
; 2) layers.BARTopo.children = BARtopo1931, BARtopo1943, BARtopo1956, 
BARtopo1963, BARtopo1980, BARtopo1989

The last two lines are two potential solutions:
1) I use the regional topomap with a mask for BAR area (municipality 
level). I repeat the same for every municipality using same regional 
layers but different masks, hidden and selected.
2) Raster from regional scale cut in "local" scale.

- I can use only one single raster in mapfile and layer.ini (e.g.: 
regiotopo1931 (quite heavy file)) with different masks (small files and 
useful for all the layers). Repeat the same for the rest of raster using 
same masks.
- i can use several rasters cut on local scale in mapfile and layer.ini 
(e.g.: BARtopo1931). There are more files but lighter.

I have a huge list, how is the best way to manage it?
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