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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Feb 2 08:40:20 EST 2010

Hi Paul

there are some options and it depends mostly of what you have already installed or can install:

mapserver + postgis through wfs + uDig
mapserver + postgis + mapscript + Cartoweb
mapserver + postgis + Mapfish

the fastest options may be the uDig one as there is an osx installer and I believe full osx support

Cartoweb is simply php so the only requirement is Apache with php 5.2.x (NOT 5.3 !, there are some incompatibilities I havent had the time to take care of yet) and mapscript

Mapfish is certainly the most powerful options but it will require good programming skills and quite some work.

In all cases I believe you will have to install ( / to compile maybe) Mapserver and, if you choose Cartoweb, install ( / compile) php_mapscript.

I fear I have little knowledge with OSX and I cant really advice you more precisely.
Personally I would try the uDig option first.

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  Since Cartoweb 4 is now Mapfish could someone let me know where the best resource is for Mac users wanting to develop some simple examples which would allow the editing of PostGIS data and allow the query of imported shapefiles. Mapfish looks very interesting but i was familiar with Cartoweb a couple of years ago. 


  Paul J. Shapley 


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