[Cartoweb-users] problem with geostat plugin

Daniel McInerney daniel.mcinerney at ucd.ie
Mon Mar 8 06:10:24 EST 2010

Hi List,

I've created a geostat project based
on the demoGeostat one. The mapping
interface works correctly, however, when
I select the layer from the drop-down menu
(Select Geographic Entities) no attributes
are listed within the 'Select Indicator'
drop-down menu.

The layer isn't listed in the layers.ini
file. The contents of the geostat.ini file
is below and the attributes are numeric fields
in a postgis table.

I've run 'php cw3setup.php --clean' but it hasn't
helped unfortunately.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


geostat.0.mslayer = Counties
geostat.0.label = "County Statistics"
geostat.0.choropleth = true
; Warning this is case sensitive ! Do not put space between comma and 
attribute !
geostat.0.choropleth_attribs = pop86,pop91
geostat.0.choropleth_attribs_label = "Pop86","Pop91"

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