[Cartoweb-users] problem with geostat plugin

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Mar 8 08:30:15 EST 2010


mmm, if cleaning the cache didnt help, I can only think about reseting the 
session (add ?reset_session in your url) or even restarting apache.
the content of the dropdown list is taken directly from the config file, so 
even in there are no relation in your data, you should see the attributs 
your listed.

if you feel like debugging a bit, you can add some print_r in 
ClientGeostat.php on line 398 or so, just after
$LayersChoroplethAttributes[$layer->msLayer] =


or in ServerGeostat.php on line 337 or so, just after

$params->choropleth_attribs =

or even

so you know if the connfig paramters are being read and used as they should.


> Hi List,
> I've created a geostat project based
> on the demoGeostat one. The mapping
> interface works correctly, however, when
> I select the layer from the drop-down menu
> (Select Geographic Entities) no attributes
> are listed within the 'Select Indicator'
> drop-down menu.
> The layer isn't listed in the layers.ini
> file. The contents of the geostat.ini file
> is below and the attributes are numeric fields
> in a postgis table.
> I've run 'php cw3setup.php --clean' but it hasn't
> helped unfortunately.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Daniel.
> ;geostat.ini
> geostat.0.mslayer = Counties
> geostat.0.label = "County Statistics"
> geostat.0.choropleth = true
> ; Warning this is case sensitive ! Do not put space between comma and
> attribute !
> geostat.0.choropleth_attribs = pop86,pop91
> geostat.0.choropleth_attribs_label = "Pop86","Pop91"
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