[Cartoweb-users] locate plugin how to hilight feature

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Nov 12 08:37:03 EST 2010

Hi Stefan

im just looking at the stack of unanswered message in the Cartoweb mailing 
list and noticed your question.

to highlight a feature, you only need is to edit the locate.tpl template to 
add some hidden form element values.

in the locate.tpl template you can see:
document.forms['carto_form'].id_recenter_layer.value = input_element.alt;
document.forms['carto_form'].id_recenter_ids.value = item.id;

simply add the following lines:
document.forms['carto_form'].query_layer.value = input_element.alt;
document.forms['carto_form'].query_select.value = item.id;
document.forms['carto_form'].query_hilight.value = 1;

also, you need to add these two extra line to reset the query_layer and 
query_select values after submiting the recentering, otherwise the 
parameters stay set in the main document and may interfer with the normal 
querying tools.
so, after the line:
CartoWeb.trigger('Location.Recenter', 'doSubmit()');
document.forms['carto_form'].query_layer.value = "";
document.forms['carto_form'].query_select.value = "";


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>  Dear all,
> I want to hilight the feature the locate plugin centers to.
> Unfortunately I can not figure out  how to achieve this.
> Has someone of you managed to implement a hilight function to the locate
> plugin and if yes, could you please
> give me some step by step information how you have done it?
> regards,
> Stefan
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