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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Nov 12 08:37:25 EST 2010

hello Adrian,
im just looking at the stack of unanswered message in the Cartoweb mailing list and noticed your question.

Cartoweb was not designed to be used on a mobile device, but it should be possible to use it in any mobile devide with a web browser, like Opera Mobile.
But, since you cant click&drag (and the touch event is not supported), action like: area-zoom, area-selection and all the line/rectangle/polygon drawing will not work.
So you will end with a "crippled" application. Now if you make a simpler version of your project with only the zoomin, zoomout, querybypoint and outlinepoint, plus the old arrow-pan around the map (see the Cartowb demos) it will work correctly in any mobile device with a mobile browser


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  Hi list

  Is there an opportunity to interact a CartoWeb-Project over a mobile device (iphone etc.) like Google Maps? I just found something like that for MapFish:
  Does this work for CartoWeb too?


  Adrian Dahinden



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