[Cartoweb-users] URGENT: cartoweb 3.5.0 colors (value ranges) in legend do not correspond to colors (value ranges) in map

Stefan Neumeier stefan.neumeier at vti.bund.de
Mon Aug 15 02:26:10 EST 2011

  Dear all,

my cartoweb based web-gis application is nearly  operational but now I 
came across an mayor error I did not recognize before.

My application is mainly built on cartoweb's gesotat plugin which I 
altered so that the values are retrieved out of a postgres

Now, comparing the generated legend with the map I realized that 
althought the legend is generated as expected  the colors
allocated to my regions in the map do not correspond with the colors of 
the legend. (It seems as if in tha map regions are
sometimes grouped to groupes randomly containing values from low classes 
as well as higher classes making the map

If anybody of you has encountered the same error and found a workaroud I 
would be glad if you could share it with me. A detailed description
of where (which scripts) and how  the colors are allocated to the region 
in cartoweb would be also very helpful for me.

My Server configuration is as follows:

Cartoweb 3.5.0
Apache 2.2.15
PHP 5.3.4                    (yes I adapted all cartoweb scripts 
accordingly so that they function with php 5.3.4!)
Mapserver version 5.6.5

Stefan Neumeier

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