[Cartoweb-users] error adding raster

simone.frigerio at univie.ac.at simone.frigerio at univie.ac.at
Fri Feb 25 04:16:34 EST 2011

I am adding some raster layers (.ini and .map files correctly updated) 
in a project. A lot of previous images were included without problem, 
but the last PNG files generate this failure after update:

*Fatal error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object in 
C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3\plugins\outline\server\ServerOutline.php on line 452*

Images are raster in png format.  I try different conversion of images 
but same messages occours.
The expression around line 452 in ServerOutline.php**required is:
line 450    // Creates fake layer to be able to generate icons from 
line 451    $newLayer = ms_newLayerObj($msMapObj);
line 452    $newLayer->set('type', MS_LAYER_POINT); // important*

** Think about the environment before printing **

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