[Cartoweb-users] toolTips + several projects ==> only tool tips of initial project are returned

Stefan Neumeier stefan.neumeier at vti.bund.de
Tue Jan 18 08:45:00 EST 2011

  Dear all,

I just encountered a strange toolTips behaviour. Within my cartoweb 
environment I have two projects. Both projects are similar constructed 
the geometry layers shown (federal states and counties). But whatever 
project I load via cartoweb's project chooser the toolTips returned are
the toolTips of the project defined as initial project in my 
current_project.txt (All references to different geometries of the 
different projects are correct I double checked them)
Has anybody of you already encountered this error and found a solution?

Is it possible that the error is caused because the $_SESSION entries 
are not altered when choosing a new project via the project chooser?

Best regards,

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