[Cartoweb-users] layers with multiple classes have no checkbox

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Jul 29 01:14:40 EST 2011

Hi Kurt

there is a multiclass vector layer in the layer tree (Category theme, 
select Relief, layer Mountains) of the demoCW3 project,
does it works for you?

it can be several things:
if you modified your mapfile, you need to clean the temporary files 
using the --clean options in the cw3setup.php script and reset the user 
session either by restarting your browser, clearing the session cookie 
or writing ?reset_session in the url

if you have customised the layers template, maybe something is broken in it

it could be an error in your layers.ini config file

if you cant find the cause of the problem, a workaround is to create as 
many layers in the mapfile with a filtering as you have classes at the 
moment, create a parent layerGroup and set the layers as frozen, the 
result should be visually the same as you would get with a layer with 
several classes (I do not say this is nice, just that it works).

> Hello,
> I'm running Cartoweb 3.5 on a windows 7 box with MS4W.
> When I add a vector layer that is classified into several classes, it 
> shows up in the table of contents but has no checkbox associated with 
> it.  So the only way to turn it on is to set it to selected = true as 
> an initial map state.  I've also tried setting it to frozen = false 
> but it does not help.
> Vector layers with just one class do have checkboxes.
> Any ideas why this may be happening?
> Kurt
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