[Cartoweb-users] pdf-export of big table => table is "distorted"

Stefan Neumeier stefan.neumeier at vti.bund.de
Wed Mar 30 08:49:53 EST 2011

  Dear all,

I have some problems with the pdf-output of the query tables result when 
using exportPDF.
When the query-result table contains long column names and quite a few 
columns so that
the whole table does not fit on one page (concerning its width) in the 
pdf-output some columns get "squeezed"
so that the content is not readable anymore. furthermore at the bottom 
end of the page the
table cells somehow get out of line meaning some cells appear bigger in 
width and height than the other cells.

Has anyone of you already encountered this error and is there a known 

Would it be possible to automatically split the table horizontally if it 
does not fit into the page and
align the split parts one below the other (as several tables)? (If yes 
where to begin?)

Another possible solution I can think of is to "export" the table as jpg 
etc., and resize it according to
the page size (A4 in my application) and insert it as picture...but 
again I can not figure out where to start.

Best regards,

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