[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 1193] LayerAttributes: change getWFSResource into getOWSResource

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------- Additional Comments From bartvde at xs4all.nl  2005-11-04 10:25 -------
This whole code seems to be older than Mapserver 4.4.2 ... or I am missing

Starting Mapserver 4.4.2, the following is an example DescribeLayer response:

<WMS_DescribeLayerResponse version="1.1.0" >
<LayerDescription name="top250"  owsType="WCS"
<Query typeName="top250" />

owsType can be WCS or WFS.

So there is no attribute on LayerDescription called wfs which the code assumes
!!! I believe this was so pre-Mapserver 4.4.

I have changed the code to the following:

    for( $i=0; $i<$nCount; $i++ )
        if ( strtolower( $aVals[$i]['tag'] ) == 'layerdescription' )
           if ( isset( $aVals[$i]['attributes']['owstype'] ) )
             $aszReturn['owstype'] = $aVals[$i]['attributes']['owstype'];
           if ( isset( $aVals[$i]['attributes']['owsurl'] ) )
             $aszReturn['owsurl'] = $aVals[$i]['attributes']['owsurl'];
        // check for query typename
        if ( strtolower( $aVals[$i]['tag'] ) == 'query' )
            array_push( $aszReturn['typename'],
                                            $aVals[$i]['attributes']['typename'] );

But this would mean all the code dependent on the resulting array would need to
be changed. How many widgets use LayerAttributes.php?

What should we do?

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