[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 1174] New: new Gazetteer widget based on WFS 1.0.0

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Fri Oct 21 04:20:27 EDT 2005


           Summary: new Gazetteer widget based on WFS 1.0.0
           Product: Chameleon
           Version: 2.2
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P2
         Component: Widget
        AssignedTo: chameleon-dev at lists.maptools.org
        ReportedBy: bartvde at xs4all.nl

For a contract I need to implement a Gazetteer widget based on WFS 1.0.0. The
widget's GUI needs to have a selection list at the top with all the search
options, and then load the selected search option in an iframe. A search option
is similar to the current Locate widget.

Behind the scenes there need to be 2 types of search options:
1) free text fields
2) select lists

I want to propopse the following interface (CWC2 defintion):

<cwc2 type="Gazetteer" styleresource="TabButtons"
popupstyleresource="TextButtons" PopupWidth="460" PopupHeight="550"
Toolbar="false" Status="false" Menubar="false" Image="icons/icon_gazetteer.png"
  <image state="normal"/>
  <image state="selected"/>
  <image state="hover"/>
  <searchOption default="true" title="search for parcel"
onlineresource="http://www.myserver.nl/geoserver/wfs?" typename="percelen"
namespace_prefix="myns" instructiontext="text to help the user">
    <searchField type="propertyislike" propertyname="GEMCOD" label="Kad.
gemeente code" required="true" minchars="1" />
    <searchField type="propertyislike" propertyname="SECTIE" label="Sectie"
required="true" minchars="1" />
    <searchField type="propertyisequalto" propertyname="NUMMER" label="Nummer"
required="false" />

The widget can have multiple searchOptions defined (default="true" will be
loaded first), and each searchOption can have 1 or more searchField. Title and
instructiontext are used for building up the GUI. The whole GUI would need to be
AJAX based.

type="propertyislike" will result in a free text field in the GUI.
type="propertyisequalto" will result in a select list populated from the WFS

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