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------- Additional Comments From mcgrawj at agr.gc.ca  2006-04-07 09:34 -------

Thank you for responding again and clarifying the points I asked about. 

In regard to your closing statement:
"Yes, it should be possible to make this enhancement, it now a question of
whether or not this change should be made and what are the ripple effects are
going to be (i.e. how many widgets would have to be changed)."

Obviously, I'm not in a position to make this decision. I think, however, that
whoever is should do so soon (while Chameleon is still in beta because once the
release is done, there's no going back) and include a client's perspective in
their considerations. As a client, who has already gone through this process, I
would certainly appreciate not having had to do so. 

Finally, with respect to "how many widgets would have to be changed" if someone
has access and wants to send me the current cvs version of the widgets
directory, I'd be happy to do the grunt work and find all the references to
moMLT and either remove the initial parameter (if the name is the same as the
widget class) or move the initial widget to the end of the parameter call list.

If you can't tell, my vote is that the change be made. And I don't think too
much concern should be wasted on people, like me, who have already made the
changes to run their apps with the beta. Those are the chances you take working
with a beta release.

Let me know if you need me.


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