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------- Additional Comments From jlacroix at mapgears.com  2006-04-07 11:59 -------
I'll raise here as a person who can make that kind of decision. I think the
change make sense. However we are also in the need of releasing soon. This
change would delay the release to the end of April since we will need one more beta.

So I have some concern before giving a go on this.
1- Keep in mind that the get_class method return the name of the class in
lower-case with PHP4. This can cause serious trouble on linux. So we have to
find another way to return the parent class name. Paul, Bill, can we use
mszWidgetName in the MLT? And/Or the $szLanguageResource global variable? I know
it's not a Chameleon package, that's why I ask.

2- Does someone need the release soon? Bill and Joanne, would you be able to
provide the changes before tuesday?

3- I agree that at least, we should try to add a 2 parameters functions that
would take the argument in the same order as the old get method was taking them.
Something like (abbreviated):

function get( $szKey, $szDefault = "", $aszParams = array(), $szLanguageFile )
    if($szLanguageFile == "")
        $szLanguageFile = //class name if is_file exist
        $szLanguageFile = //Or widget name
        $szLanguageFile = // Or szLanguageResource global variable
        if($szLanguageFile == "")
             return szDefault // Or a PHP error or both
    return $this->get($szDefault, $aszParams, $szLanguageFile)

Bill what do you think?

My 0.02$

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