[Chameleon] legend for non-WMS sources

Paul Spencer
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 09:03:16 -0500
No, that is not what I meant when I wrote that, and I can see the 
confusion.  My interpretation of the question was (when I started 
writing) that the legend graphics were not showing up, which is a 
problem when using mapserver as a WMS server (to be fixed shortly), and 
that since Contexts are WMS only, this wouldn't fix the problem.  Then I 
realized that it was perhaps a more fundamental problem.

The Chameleon legends work equally as well (or not) regardless of source 
of layers ...



Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:

>>Using contexts will only exaggerate this issue since it is 
>>entirely WMS 
>>based.  As you are using Chameleon 1.1/2.0, using a mapfile 
>>is actually 
>>the only way that you can get the legend to work properly.
> Is this to say LegendURL support from Context is gone?  If yes, why?
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