[Chameleon] question about future/possible functionality

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> Subject: [Chameleon] question about future/possible functionality
> Hi,
> nowadays a lot is possible in DHTML and Javascript. I see 
> that panning of a 
> map image now actually involves the moving of the image.
> Most of the elements in Chameleon provide viewing 
> functionality. Is it 
> theoretically possible to also provide editing functionality 
> without the 
> use of Java? I refer to functionality like:
> -add a feature (e.g. a polygon) by drawing on the map
> -retrieve a feature by GML and paint it on the map
> -edit a feature just drawn or retrieved by GML by something like a 
> EditPolygonTool (so moving vertexes around, adding vertexes, 
> that kind of 
> stuff).

Chameleon 1.0 (final release) will have functionality to draw features, or
'footprints' based on geographic coordinates.  Building an interface to do
that would involve a custom widget of some sort, but yes, it can be done.

I can't speak to the moving vertices type functionality.  That would take
some major additional DHTML.


> Thanks in advance for the answer,
> Bart
> The Netherlands
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