[Chameleon] my widgets don't widge

Bart van den Eijnden
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 21:47:14 +0100
Hi Sara,

what browser are you using? I know the red box feature with zoomin only 
 from Opera.

With respect to the no zoom-in action, I have seen this problem and it is 
caused by an old version of the sample application. Make sure your 
constructor in index.phtml contains the following (in the old version it 
only contains the call to the parent constructor):

class MyApp extends Chameleon
   function MyApp()
     $this->moMapSession = new MapSession_RW;
     $this->moMapSession->setTempDir( getSessionSavePath());

The Manage Layers widget is gonna be deprecated as far as I know, and will 
be replaced by the LegendTemplate widget among others. I think it is not 
recommendable to use it.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 15:35:18 -0500, Sara Yurman <> 

> I've been trying without success to make the widgets on my chameleon 
> installation work.  I would be intensely grateful for any help at all.
> ******What doesn't work******
> ZoomIn*********
> Red box draws on the screen, screen refreshes, map redisplays at full 
> extent.  If I start a new session, the scalebar comes up with zoomed 
> distances.  If I then try zooming again the scalebar again represents 
> the full extent
> ZoomOut********
> I click, the watch displays, the map remains stolidly in place.
> Pan************
> The entire image moves with the hand, then the map returns to its 
> original display.
> Manage Layers*****************
> This shows a blank screen, and throws some errors in the apache log:
> PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  gszMapTemplate in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/Layer.phtml on line 20
> PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  gszMapTemplate in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/Layer.phtml on line 21
> PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function on a non-object in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/Layer.phtml on line 51
> PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  bShowPreview in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/production.phtml on line 561
> PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  bShowDownload in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/production.phtml on line 562
> PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:  txtFootDesc in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/production.phtml on line 567
> Print*****************
> Doesn't work, throws this error in the apache log:
>   Undefined variable:  txtFootDesc in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/widgets/production.phtml on line 567
> **********What does work***************
> The map layer (the .map file only describes one at this point) displays 
> properly and the ruler works, even in feet.
> ******About my installation******
> I'm using Chameleon-1.1 alpha6, running with MapServer 4.01 on Debian.
> ******What I did to check my installation******
> I've checked my environment with the screens at 
> htdocs_admin/index.phtml.  Everything looked good: mapscript 4.01 
> located, png supported, php 4.3.3 found, all mandatory settings and 
> required modules with little green OK checks.
> ******More installation checking: the apache error log******
> Got " Undefined index:  gszServerDataPath in 
> /var/www/cwc2/htdocs/common/phpwms/manage_servers.phtml on line 133". 
> Wasn't too perturbed about it, since I wanted to work with a .map file.
> ******How I made my tiny little application******
> I started by copying and editing the demo.php and demo.html files, and 
> edited the following widget names (From > To ) to reflect the actual 
> widget names I found:
> PrintPopup > PrintWidget
> MapDHTMLImage > MapDHTMLWidget
> CursorPosition > Cursorpos  (once each for X and Y)
> I edited the file and made sure that it produced an image 
> with the 4.01 shp2img utility.
> Thanks for any help,
> Sara


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