[Chameleon] Chameleon vs CWC2

Liz Godwin
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 10:05:12 -0400

I've CC'ed the Chameleon List on this one as I think it's something
others may be interested in, or also may know answers to.

I'm trying to work with Chameleon (v 1.1 alpha) instead of CWC2 in
order to take advantage of the ability to read map files directly.  I'm
running into some problems, and while I've been able to solve some of
them, I am becoming more confused.  Hopefully you can help.

Is Chameleon really just a later version of CWC2?  If it is, than why
are many of the widgets included with the alpha release of Chameleon
much older than those included with CWC2 v1.0.3?  The release dates are
different obviously, but which is being worked on more currently?  Can I
replace Chameleon widgets with CWC2 widgets?  The reason I ask this is
because the documentation seems to follow the CWC2 usage better than it
does for Chameleon.  My Widget names are different, and in some cases
they just don't work.  BUT they do with CWC2.  I still can't seem to get
a legend to draw.

I guess I'm wondering how they fit together if they do?  I know
Chameleon is alpha...but it seems behind CWC2 not ahead.

Should I just hold off on trying Chameleon until another release is

Thanks for your help,

Liz Godwin

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