[Chameleon] curiosity with rulertool

Bart van den Eijnden
Thu, 16 Oct 2003 17:24:59 +0200
Hi list,

I found a curiosity in the behaviour of the rulertool. This applies to 
Chameleon 1.1.

For the rulertool to work properly (i.e. measure distance correctly) on the 
first map which is generated, the size of the MAP object (SIZE X Y) needs 
to be the same as the size of DHTMLWidget in the HTML template. Otherwise 
the distance is not calculated correctly.

When a user zooms, or pans, the rulertool works fine. So I guess this 
possible problem only applies to the first generated map (initialization of 
the map object?).

Is this behaviour intended, i.e. do we always need to adjust the size of 
the MAP object to the size of the DHTMLWidget?

Best regards,

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