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Christopher R. Thorne
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 09:03:27 -0500
I can understand your confusion. Currently there are two parallel 
versions of Chameleon.

1) Chameleon version 1.0.3 -> which only uses context files as well as 
has the ability to call a Server Instance. A sample context 
(gmap_context.xml) file and template (test.html) using the cwc2.php are 
all located in /cwc2/htdocs/

if you are calling this sample app locally the server instance would be:


2) Chameleon version 1.1 -> Can use both Context and mapserver's *.map 
which you can create in maplab. The only real set back of the current 
Chameleon 1.1 version is that does not handle Server instances.

There is a sample Chameleon 1.1 application that you can separately 
download on the sample application uses an index.phtml to 
call the map file , template and chameleon.php

Hopefully in the next couple of months Chameleon 1.0.x will be phased 
out and only the current version Chameleon 1.1.x will take over.


BAUD remi wrote:

> Hi the list,
> Does anyone can give me a small example of context file and template file for testing my service instance (chameleon.php) and my configuration? I've tried with the small example in the HOWTO but I don't know what I have to write in my context file.
> Is it mandatory to use context file when a don't work with remote datas (only local files)??
> Can I use with chameleon a  mapserver's .map file that I created with maplab for example or another existing map file?
> thank you in advance...
> cheers!
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