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> My conclusion was a bit too optimistic  ;-)
> so let me clarify things.
> There are 2 similar looking demo sites:
> The first one is still not working, although I believe it's the same 
> software as the second one.
> The second one works fine, both as a stand alone service as 
> well as being 
> called from within Chameleon's CatalogSearch.
> When I started this thread I tested with Compusult, which 
> didn't work, so I 
> wrote to this list.
> In my next message, when I wrote it worked again, I tested 
> with Ceomap, not 
> being aware that I was testing another site.
> So I can continue working on my Chameleon app now, that's 
> great. But there 
> still are two remaining questions I have:
> 1. What is the difference between Compusult's and Ceomap's catquery?

They are both interfaces to services which support the OGC Catalog 1.0
specification.  The difference is the data which is housed and discoverable.

> 2. Where can I find the specs that Ceomap's catquery is using?
> I noticed some differences between the draft OGC Web Services 
> Stateless 
> Catalog Profile from August 29, 2001 en the actually XML returned by 
> catquery. For the moment I changed my local CatalogSearchPopup.phtml.

Which draft spec are you looking at?


> Hans
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