[Chameleon] Problem with Catalog Search Widget

Hans Verlouw
Wed, 29 Oct 2003 11:00:11 +0100
Thank you Tom for your reply. I still have some questions.

At 10/28/2003 06:03 PM -0500, wrote:
> > 1. What is the difference between Compusult's and Ceomap's catquery?
>They are both interfaces to services which support the OGC Catalog 1.0
>specification.  The difference is the data which is housed and discoverable.

But what I meant is that Compusult always returns invalid XML,
while Ceomap always returns valid XML,
so despite their different data, I assume there's something else different.

> > 2. Where can I find the specs that Ceomap's catquery is using?
> > I noticed some differences between the draft OGC Web Services
> > Stateless
> > Catalog Profile from August 29, 2001 en the actually XML returned by
> > catquery. For the moment I changed my local CatalogSearchPopup.phtml.
> >
>Which draft spec are you looking at?

I used the draft (version 0.06, August 29, 2001) by Lou Reich (Computer 
Sciences Corp.) and Panagiotis (Peter) A. Vretanos (CubeWerx Inc.).
On the OGC site I only see the 1.1.1 specs December 13, 2002 by Doug 
Nebert, but this is non-HTML.

Could you please send me the 1.0 specs you used?



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