[Chameleon] Adding Points

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Mon Aug 9 17:39:37 EDT 2004

Hmm.. ignore that email and sorry for the uncessary spam, had started an
email and accidently sent it. I did try that off the bat, got an
undefined error, but tried it again after your email and I didn't get an
error so I am now trying a few other things, but still having some

For example I want to use getAllLayerNames() of oMap, but cant get it to
work, always undefined, though I am not positive I am getting the syntax
properly. The example I seen was:

$aszLayerNames = $oMapSession->oMap->getAllLayerNames();

I figured then I should be able to do:
$this->moMapObject->oMap->getAllLayerNames(); which didn't work, and
none of the other combinations I have done work either.



Tried that right off the bad, get an undefined error.

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It looks to me like NavTool extends Widget so you should find:

On Mon, 2004-08-09 at 16:25, Ken Sanderson wrote:
> Thanks Eric, added your example to my list to refer to when I get to
> working out these details.
> I am however still stuck at the problem of using these functions in a
> NavTool extend instead of CWCWidget, or adversly using NavTool 
> functions with CWCWidget.

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