[Chameleon] Dynamic Template Changes

D'cruz,Steven [Ontario] Steven.D'Cruz at ec.gc.ca
Fri Aug 20 13:30:01 EDT 2004


	I'm currently using Chameleon v.1.0.5, and would like to enquire
as to whether it is possible to create a button, which, if clicked,
would send the user to a different template while preserving the current
Javascript CWC object and it's associated variables (goCWCJSAPI).  The
reason for this requirement is that I've created two distinct templates;
simple and advanced.  The simple template has considerably less
functionality than the advanced, although it is much more intuitave.  I
would like to create a button on the simple template that reloads the
current map with a new template ( the advanced template ) while
preserving the state of the map (layer status, zoom depth, etc).  Is
this possible in version 1.0.5 of Chameleon/CWC2?   If not, I'd greatly
appreciate suggestions for adding this functionality.  If this
functionality exists in later versions, would it be plausible to port
the changes from the newer chameleon version to version 1.0.5?  Although
upgrading our version of Chameleon is a possibility, I've been asked to
avoid doing so unless absolutely necessary, as many customizations have
been made to it.

Note: I currently have the Chameleon 1.99 b2 samples running, however
our application is primarily for the CWC component, which does not seem
to be fully implemented in the beta release.  Upgrading may be
considered once version 2.0 of Chameleon/CWC2 is released

Steven D'Cruz
(Open)GIS Developer
Environment Canada
Steven.D'Cruz at ec.gc.ca

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