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Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
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This fix worked well for me too. But it seems that when using the CWC instance, the paths to the javascript files are incorrect. It looks for a path like http://localhost/widgets/js/cwc_dhtml.js or equivalent for the other javascript files. It doesn't seem to pick up the service_instance_path correctly, or this parameter doesn't find its way through to the gszCoreWebPath variable. Probably because this variable is set to the web_server_path in chameleon.php, but even if I place web_server_path in cwc2.xml and set it to contain my server_instance_path, it doesn't work.



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Eric, check for invalid structure in the chameleon.xml file, there was a 
bug in the description element of the web_server_path ... look for &lt 
or &gt without a trailing ; and add the trailing ;



Eric Bridger wrote:

> I'm having trouble attempting to test the 1.99 Beta2 CWC2 Service
> Instance using the supplied default application. I'm following the
> instructions in cwc2/CWC2_INSTALLATION.txt file.
> I think I have the service instance installed correctly, following the
> steps in that document.
> An existing Beta 1 Chameleon 1.99 only application works fine with the
> Beta2 installation.
> The first service instance test:
> http://<myserver>/cwc2/cwc2.php
> returns the correct error message.
> But the second service intance test of the default application is
> failing:
> http://<myserver>/cwc2/cwc2.php?service=VCG&request=GetApplication&version=0.1.0
> The browser displays:
> ...
> query string was service=VCG&request=GetApplication&version=0.1.0
> Invalid request. No CONTEXTS parameter was provided and the Service
> Instance has no default context
> I used the supplied default_context: cwc2/contexts/world_context.xml and
> template: cwc2/templates/sample_cwc2.html, etc.
> My Apache error log is showing:
> PHP Notice:  Undefined offset:  1 in
> /usr/opt/chameleon/chameleon-1.99beta-20040709/htdocs/common/appcontext/appcontext.php on line 213
> PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  param-value in
> /usr/opt/chameleon/chameleon-1.99beta-20040709/htdocs/common/appcontext/appcontext.php on line 276
> Debugs added by me confirm that appcontext.php is attempting to parse
> the correct cwc2.xml file but is failing on the first token in the
> parseContextFile() routine.
> Eric
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